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since subito


MEATSHELL's sophomore album "Since Subito" is out now on Earshift Music.  A musical manifestation of their interpretation of the concepts and principles underpinning the cubist art movement, the album has a particular focus on juxtaposition and simultaneous revealing of various, sometimes clashing perspectives of an idea.

The duo's quirky & idiosyncratic songwriting style in "Since Subito" reflects their shared passion for the unorthodox, and aims to illustrate the full emotional spectrum of the human condition. Sincere, beautiful melodies and euphoric grooves are boldly juxtaposed with moments of mystery, desperation and screaming chaos, as they contemplate climate change, mental illness and new birth.

Click above to check out MEATSHELL's debut music video for their song "Face" - directed by Angus Kirby.  

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